Confession Time

I have a confession…I hate nail salons.  Now, let me first clarify something. I LOVE having my nails done, and pretty much always have them painted.  What I don’t like is having them done in a salon.  I find the whole process extremely stressful and it makes me anxious every time.  And don’t even get me started on pedicures.  YUCK!  I’ve never had a relaxing pedicure in my life.  They always hurt, my feet are too ticklish, and I feel like the people are making fun of my feet.  I know, I have some issues.  My lightbulb moment came when Matt decided to treat me to mani/pedi and I came home in a worse mood than when I went, and I redid my fingernails that night to suit me.  Ok, so I may have some control issues as well.  But that’s another post.

So, because I love my nails being “done”, and I hate the salon, the natural solution was to arm myself with the tools and skills to do them myself at home.  So that’s what I’ve done.  I have a great collection of polishes from every brand and price point, a really good manicure set with tools, etc.  But I really wanted those super shiny, two-week long gel nails you get at the salon.  Enter…the at-home UV Gel Nail system.  Hallelujah!  I purchased this little gem about a year ago, and since that time it’s paid for itself multiple times.  I love this thing.  No, seriously, I love it.  I purchased the starter kit at my local Walmart for about $50.  That was all I needed to get started.  It’s so easy to do at home, and you really do get the same results you get from a salon.

The brand I have is Sensationail, but there are many different ones.  Living in a town where we only have a Walmart and a Walgreens I’m pretty limited unlesss I order online.  Honestly, though, this one fits my needs fine, and I can get polish from either place or Sally’s Beauty if I want the Gelish brand.  As long as you use the UV polish you can use whatever brand you like.

The other day my Mom asked me if I would do her nails because she didn’t want to go to the salon.  Like Mother like Daughter.  So I said sure, come on over!  Now, I have never done anyone else’s nails, just mine, so I was a little nervous about getting the polish smooth and nice.  They turned out great!  She loved them too, which is the important part.  Here are some photos of during and after:

Thanks for being my first customer Mom!

Ah, confession is good for the soul!  And so is an awesome manicure 😉


HelloFresh Family Box


Subscription boxes are all the rage and I’ve fell for them hook, line, and sinker!  One of my favorites is the HelloFresh subscription box.

I first tried this box on the recommendation of my sister-in-law.  I had seen the Blue Apron box featured on It’sJudy’sLife and thought the idea was awesome, especially for busy households.  When I went to the Blue Apron site I was pretty surprised at how expensive it was and thought, nah, it’s not worth it.  Then my SIL told me that you can buy Groupons for the boxes at both HelloFresh and Blue Apron.  This is the way to go!  Normal price on a family box (3 meals for 4) is $105.  I purchased the Groupon for the same plan for $120 for two weeks!  The 4 person meal leaves us with plenty of food and left-overs.  So I can really get 2 meals out of 1.  The boxes really do included everything you need to make the meal.  The only items to have on hand are olive oil, salt, and pepper.

This is the 4th time I’ve purchased the boxes and we’ve loved every recipe so far.   They include these awesome recipe cards that you can keep.  Every step is broken down so that it all comes out at the same time.  My husband really loves the boxes too because the recipes are ones that we wouldn’t normally cook.

Have you guys tried any of the food subscription boxes?  Do you like them?  I’m thinking of trying Blue Apron next just to get a comparison.