Stitch Fix Review April

So I’m sure most people who are into subscription boxes and fashion have heard of Stitch Fix.  Plus, they run commercials all the time now.  I was a customer a couple years ago and got maybe 1 or 2 boxes.  Financially at the time I just couldn’t afford it, and I never kept the items, so I canceled my subscription.

About a month ago I decided to give it another try.  Since I work from home now I honestly don’t need a ton of dress clothes, but I really like having cute summer shorts and tops for when I do get out of my office and into the land of the living.

If you don’t know how Stitch Fix works, you basically sign up, fill out a style profile with your measurements (they also have Petites!), and the kinds of things you like to wear.   You’re then assigned a stylist who will look at that profile and pick out 5 items to send you in your fix.  OH, and they also look at your Pinterest style boards too! You can also send them a personal note if you’re wanting a specific color, item, etc.  The styling fee is $20 and that gets credited toward any item you decide to keep.  If you don’t keep anything, you’re out the $20 and you send it all back.  If you keep everything in your box you get a 25% discount + the $20 credit.  You can also specify a price point that you would like to stay in, which I highly recommend doing.  Some of the items can get really spendy in my opinion.

In my note to my stylist, I asked for some dresses the would be appropriate for church, brunch, date night, etc.  since we’re coming into Easter/Mother’s Day.  I specified that I didn’t want anything too dressy, and I’d like some pieces that I could wear around the office, but would look cute to run errands, etc.

When the box comes is wrapped really nice in tissue and includes a card with styling tips for all your pieces, and a price list broken down by piece.  I forgot to take photos of that, but I will next time.

I have to say, my stylist really delivered.  I ended up keeping every piece!!!  I’m very petite, so finding things like rompers and capri pants are a nightmare.  Everything in my fix fit me like it was tailor made.  I was ecstatic!  One thing I will say is that it’s a much better deal to buy the whole fix than separate items.  The 25% discount makes it a pretty good deal.  I’m going to post some pics below of my pieces and the prices for each and then I’ll give the total I paid with all the discounts and credits.


Kerrigan 2fer Knit Dress.  The fabric on this dress is beautiful and the picture doesn’t do it justice.  $78






Tianna Knit Dress.  Great fabric and this dress is lined, so you feel very covered.  It’s a pretty blue with white dots.  $68IMG_1508







Adley Knit Dress.  Gorgeous pink color for summer.  This one was a little shorter, but I loved the fabric and neckline.  Makes my boobs look bigger 😉  $64IMG_1510








Bryanna Knit Romper.  This romper was so cute!  I asked for a jumpsuit, but they didn’t have one in my size so my stylist sent this instead.  I’m so glad she did!  I loved everything about it.  $68IMG_1509







Mirabella Capri Skinny Jean.  These capri pants honestly feel like pajamas.  The waistband is elastic, which I didn’t like at first, but they’re so flattering and comfy.  I can myself getting a lot of wear from these. $68









So all purchased individually I would have paid $346.  With the $20 styling fee credit and 25% off for buying all 5 items, I paid $257.67 with tax.

Just to clarify.  I very rarely buy clothes at full price.  The first place I head in a store is the clearance rack.  However, I think for 3 dresses, a pair of jeans, and a romper, $257.67 isn’t a bad price, and I didn’t even have to leave home.  The quality of the pieces is very good, and I felt like they were worth the price.

My next fix is scheduled for June.  Oh, that’s another thing.  When you sign up you can get monthly fixes, every other month, or every 3 months.  I chose every other month, but you can change it anytime.  For my June box I asked for some specific items, so hopefully, it will be as successful as this one!

Anybody else tried Stich Fix?  Have you had good luck with it?  If you’d like to sign up you can use this link:

Have a great day everyone!


Old Navy Pajama/Lounge Haul


Top clockwise:  Navy Button Front Jersey Pants, Cozy Fleece Robe, Shirt (grey)(missing bottoms), Sherpa-trim Slippers, Open-Front Cardigan, 4 Relaxed tanks, Performance Fleece Pants (grey), Flannel Plaid Night Shirt (in the middle)

I have always been the girl who sleeps in old t-shirts, athletic shorts and ancient sweatpants.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of Victoria’s Secret pj’s, but they’re just not something I want to spend money on, much to husband’s dismay.

I guess the poor guy got tired of seeing me in the same ratty t-shirts I’ve had for literally 10 years, so this summer he surprised me with some new pajamas from Old Navy.  Big mistake.  Now I’m totally spoiled and kind of obsessed with cute pajamas.

Old Navy is a great option for pj’s.  They are comfy, practical yet cute, affordable, and ON is always having a sale!  After Christmas I decided to order a few more things.  As you can see from the photo, I love simple, comfy pj’s.  Hey, we don’t have to be sexy all the time, right?  One thing I do wear, constantly, are house slippers.  I put them on as soon as I get home and don’t take them off until I go to bed.  The ones I had were worn out so I got a new pair in my order.  I also bought something I’ve never had…a robe!  I know, hard to beleive.  This one is super soft and comfy and I can’t wait to try it out.

The only complaint I have with ON, is that I ordered a top/bottom set and I only received the top.  When I called customer service they said it was an error and that I should have gotten the bottoms.  When the customer service rep went to order a new set they were sold out.  I’m really bummed since that was the set I wanted the most.  Other than that I think I will really like everything and I’m happy with the order.

Where are your favorite places to get pj’s and lounge clothes?