Sometimes You Just Need a PB&J

Summer’s spent with Grandmother’s who cooked and baked constantly has created a lot of memories that center around food.  One of my favorite things to do is bake.  It’s my therapy.  There’s nothing I love more than making a cake, or fresh batch of cookies for my family.  It makes my heart smile.  If you were to ask Andrew what is the best thing I make he’d most likely say Nutella chocolate chip cookies.  And I have to say, they’re the best cookies in the world (yes, I’m bragging).

But sometimes you just want something simple.  Something that brings back those carefree summertime feelings as a child.  For me that’s a PB & J.  We ate a lot of those growing up.  1. they’re cheap to make  2. you don’t have to turn on the stove  3.  every household in America has jelly and peanut butter (unless you’re allergic of course).

When there’s nothing else in the pantry, like today (I really need to buy groceries), PB & J is always an option.  So, I’m going to sit down with my sandwich, a big glass of milk, and go back in time.  Oh how I miss those summers with no worries.