My First Cushion Product

Lumi Cushion

UPDATE!  So I’ve been using this foundation for almost 2 months…and it’s the best I’ve ever used.  I’m not kidding.  I love it so much that when I started to get a little more of a tan on my face I bought a shade darker, N3.5.  If I’m using self tanner or get some sun I’ll use that shade on it’s own.  For days when I don’t self tan I combine the two shades and it’s perfect for warmer weather.  

My favorite way to apply is with a damp Beauty Blender just tapped on to the sponge and then stipple all over my face.  Because I’m oily, it’s hot outside, and this is on the dewy side of things, I use my Smashbox primer on my t-zone and I have no problems.  

The one and ONLY con I have with this product is that it’s pricey for the amount of product you get, and because of that it runs out rather quickly.  You get .5 oz, which is half of what you normally get in a foundation, and it’s around the $16 mark.  If you do the math you’re really paying $32 for 1 oz, which is approaching higher end foundation pricing.  BUT…it performs like a high-end foundation.  

This foundation is honestly the best I’ve used from the drugstore, Sephora, Ulta, you name it.  It looks completely natural, feels light, doesn’t cake or crease, and the shade range is great.  If you’re looking for a light summer foundation RUN to your local drugstore and try this one out.  You won’t be disappointed.

When I started running low on my Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum foundation I decided to try something a little different.  I’ve seen tons of reviews on the new “cushion” concept of foundation.  Not wanting to invest a ton of money I decided to try the drugstore option from L’oreal.

I have to say I’ve never tried the L’oreal True Match or True Match Lumi so I gave it my best shot in choosing a color, and I picked the perfect one.  I chose N2 since most of the time neutral colors suit me pretty well.

So this being a new delivery method for foundation I decided to try different ways to apply to see which worked the best.  The first time I applied it I used the applicator that came with it.  This method didn’t do a bad job but I felt like I picked up to much product.  Next time I tried using a brush and just tapping the top into the product.  This method worked good, but again I felt like I got more product than I wanted.  The third time I used my damp Beauty Blender and OMG it was perfection!  I just tap the sponge into the product and then tap onto my face like usual.  What I love about this method is that I can tap one time and do one side of my face.  If I want more coverage I just tap back in and do another layer.  This gives me the most natural, yet luminous finish.  I love it!

I do like to use a setting powder very lightly for this since I do tend to be on the oilier side of things.  Using a setting powder it lasts a full 8 hour work day.

I purchased mine at WalMart and it was $14.99 retail.  While this is definitely on the higher side of drugstore prices I think it’s worth it.  Go get this one!

Have you tried any other cushion foundations?  I’d love to see how this one compares.