Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

1. Grenadine                   2.LadyLike                 3.NailsInc    


                    4.AmpleApple             5.MintCandyApple


Nail polish is one of my favorite beauty items.  In the Spring I love getting out my pastels and lighter colors.  Even though have more than 5 colors I like to rotate between, the 5 mentioned here are my most worn in the Spring.  So let’s review shall we?

  1.  Essie’s Splash of Grenadine – This is my #1 Spring color.  It’s the perfect shade of pink/lavender for fingers.  Every time I wear this shade I get compliments.  Plus, the formula of this one is great.  I do two coats and it takes a few days before it ships.
  2. Essie’s Lady Like – This color is so sophisticated and just…pretty.  The actual color is hard to describe.  It’s a definitely a neutral.  I would say a cross between grey, taupe, and lilac.  Trust me, you need to try it.  If I have a meeting and want a nice looking mani, this is the one I reach for.  Plus, it’s such a light color that chips aren’t noticeable.
  3. Nails Inc Porchester Square – I do love a good grey, and this one is the best.  It’s light enough to be flattering and Spring-y, but dark enough to be noticeable.  I have the Gel formula and I really like it.  I haven’t tried the original to be able to compare, but I know it has rave reviews also.  I think this is a great transition color from Winter to Spring.  Wear time is a typical 3-4 days for me with a base and top coat.
  4. Covergirl XL Gel in Ample Apple – The red’s are probably my all time favorite nail color family.  If I want a red nail in the Spring/Summer this is the one I reach for.  Ample Apple is a very bright, summery red.  I love it on my toes and fingers!  The gel formula is super thick, so you can get away with one coat of this one, which always a plus!
  5. Essie’s Mint Candy Apple – This is probably the most daring of the bunch.  Mint Candy Apple is one of the more well known Essie colors, and for good reason.  The mint color is super bright and opaque.  If I want a fun weekend color, this is the one.  I always get compliments on this one and I feel like it’s very flattering on my hands.  The only complaint is that the formula is a little hard to apply.  You’ll definitely need to coats to eliminate streaks, but the end result is super cute!

That’s my top 5 nail polishes for Spring.  I hope the reviews were helpful and maybe you’re inspired to try a new color!

What are your go-to Spring colors?

Thanks for reading!



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