Old Navy Pajama/Lounge Haul


Top clockwise:  Navy Button Front Jersey Pants, Cozy Fleece Robe, Shirt (grey)(missing bottoms), Sherpa-trim Slippers, Open-Front Cardigan, 4 Relaxed tanks, Performance Fleece Pants (grey), Flannel Plaid Night Shirt (in the middle)

I have always been the girl who sleeps in old t-shirts, athletic shorts and ancient sweatpants.  Don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of Victoria’s Secret pj’s, but they’re just not something I want to spend money on, much to husband’s dismay.

I guess the poor guy got tired of seeing me in the same ratty t-shirts I’ve had for literally 10 years, so this summer he surprised me with some new pajamas from Old Navy.  Big mistake.  Now I’m totally spoiled and kind of obsessed with cute pajamas.

Old Navy is a great option for pj’s.  They are comfy, practical yet cute, affordable, and ON is always having a sale!  After Christmas I decided to order a few more things.  As you can see from the photo, I love simple, comfy pj’s.  Hey, we don’t have to be sexy all the time, right?  One thing I do wear, constantly, are house slippers.  I put them on as soon as I get home and don’t take them off until I go to bed.  The ones I had were worn out so I got a new pair in my order.  I also bought something I’ve never had…a robe!  I know, hard to beleive.  This one is super soft and comfy and I can’t wait to try it out.

The only complaint I have with ON, is that I ordered a top/bottom set and I only received the top.  When I called customer service they said it was an error and that I should have gotten the bottoms.  When the customer service rep went to order a new set they were sold out.  I’m really bummed since that was the set I wanted the most.  Other than that I think I will really like everything and I’m happy with the order.

Where are your favorite places to get pj’s and lounge clothes?


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