Happy New Year!

We have officially started 2016!  I’m pretty sure I say this every year, but it’s hard to beleive 2015 is over.

Last night, as I was struggling to stay awake and watch the NYC ball drop on TV, I started reflecting on the year that was behind, and thinking about the year ahead.  Do I have a New Year’s resolution?  Is there anything I want to change in my life?  And honestly, the answer is…not really.

Would I like to be in better physical shape?  Yes!  Am I happy with the way I look?  Pretty much.

Would I like to save more money next year?  Of course!  Do we have a pretty relaxed financial lifestyle?  Yep.

So yes, there are personal areas that I need to work on and improve and I intend to do just that.

But what I kept going back to over and over again was my little boy.  That precious little 7  year old, who would be turning 8 in 2016.  8!!!  How is that possible?IMG_1579  I just brought him home from the hospital last week, right?

I started thinking about “the last time”.  Every night we read two books before bed.  He reads one to me, and then it’s my turn to read to him.  How much longer will he want me to do that?  When will it be the last time he begs me to read “just one more Mommy!”  How many more times will he ask me to snuggle with him?

There have already been some “last times”.   He no longer needs me to give him his bath.  He takes a shower like his Daddy and no longer asks for help.  He brushes his own teeth now.  No longer needing me to help him.

The mornings of him crawling in our bed for snuggles are few and far between.  I’ve actually crawled in bed with him, just to hang on a little bit longer.

So I wonder, will 2016 have any of  “the last times”?  I sure hope not.  But just in case, I think I’ll read “just one more”, and snuggle just a little bit longer, when he’ll let me.


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