Hot Rollers?

Long hair.  It’s a different beast.  For most of my life I’ve had short hair.  I’ve always been super jealous of those girls with the long, wavy hair.  My hair was thick, stick straight, and just BLAH!  Then about two years ago I decided I would let it grow.  I told my stylist, “No matter how much I beg you, DO NOT cut my hair!”

Two years later I have hair down to my bra strap in the back and I love it.  I seriously can’t imagine why I would ever cut it again.  However, with long hair comes the struggle of just finding ways to make it look nice.  I recently purchased a curling wand and I really like it.  It gives a totally different curl that a typical curling iron.  However, it is time consuming.  So I think I’m going to venture into the world of hot rollers.  I watch Judy of It’sJudyTime on YouTube.  She highly recommends the Conair Jumbo rollers.  I think I will go check out my local WalMart and maybe try these out.  Pictures may follow soon 🙂


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