New Degree…New Job

So at the age of 32 years old I completed my Bachelors Degree.  My degree was one of the things that I always knew I wanted, but never really wanted to give up the time to get.  Kind of like when you want to lose 5 lbs to fit into those jeans a little better, but you really don’t know if giving up the Oreo’s is worth it.  After all, I had a good job, good enough anyway.  I had a two year old for goodness sake!  When would I have time for school?  Then one day I found myself applying to Liberty University Online.

Fast forward three long, trying, and rewarding years later, and I have my degree.  A very expensive piece of paper that says I’m smarter, and should get paid more.  Sure.  Do I have regrets?  Not really.  Am I glad I did it?  Absolutely.  Am I glad it’s over?  Dang right!  I honestly don’t think I could have done it without help from my husband.  There were many, many nights and weekends that he was a single Dad while I sat for hours at the dining table doing projects and studying for exams.

So now that’s it all a very vivid memory, what’s next?  Lots of prayers and applications.


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